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ECONOS offers ESG reporting, Carbon Footprint, LCA, EU Taxonomy, CBAM, as well as ESG workshops, allowing companies to measure and communicate the sustainable impact of their activities.

The team includes experts in legislative framework, public policies, and last but not least, environmental engineering. In the framework of the CSRD bringing a strong focus on the E part of the ESG, ECONOS is often the first choice over other consulting firms for its scientific expertise.

ECONOS supports +200 clients across the EU (France, Italy, and Netherlands) with a strong focus on Romania. With extensive experience in auditable reports, the company supports clients in +12 sectors of activities in their sustainable journey.

ECONOS partnered with Kabaun to develop a carbon accounting platform, offering clients a high-performance and efficient tool.

We are grateful for the carbon accounting tool made in collaboration with Kabaun. It is a powerful and user-friendly solution for organizations looking to measure and manage their carbon footprint


Mathieu Gregori

CEO & co-founder

Join us and be a partner for positive change

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