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Carbon management made simple

Collect and measure GHG emissions
Carbon footprint analysis

Trajectory and action tracking

Standard and regulatory reporting


A unified platform

A set of tools and features dedicated to carbon management


Easy to use

Streamline the data collection process for your CO2 measurement initiatives with precision tools tailored for carbon impact assessment.

  •   Intuitive and guided interface

  •   Simplified data entry

  •   Collaborative approach

  •   Supplier and partner management

A platform adapted to your needs

Consolidate process management and carbon impact measurements in one platform



Simplified form and data import

Data sharing with suppliers and partners

Collection status tracking

Trajectory creation and monitoring

Data flow automation

Reduction action plan creation and estimation

Customized analysis and steering reports

Export and regulatory compliance

Your project in just a few clicks

Start your project today





your project


your data


your emissions

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Platform designed for automation

Tailored APIs and connectors for carbon management.






Open and transparent

Play collectively to have a large-scale impact.

Kabaun operates as an open-source and open-data technological solution. We advocate for collective intelligence and transparency to empower all businesses to engage. Carbon impact measurement involves everyone.

Open Source

Deploy our platform in-house, consolidate your perimeters and your factors and build your carbon footprint via our platform.

Open Data

Access all companies' carbon factors from our public database, via our search engine and our proprietary API.


Implement our platform in-house, consolidate your perimeters and factors, and build your carbon footprint through our platform


Access all companies' carbon factors from our public database, via our search engine and our proprietary API.

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We have made strong commitments to be a company with a mission.

For ambitious companies

They rely on us to assist them in their ecological transition.


Mathieu Piron Lafleur

CEO - Persil & Rosemary

In a world where measuring one's carbon impact is essential for all companies, Kabaun's 'Start' program provides simple and concrete answers to our environmental concerns, enabling us to take the right actions and anticipate our impact in our development.


Loni Carteron

CEO - Stone & Wood

At Stone & Wood, we are questioning these issues and we are committed to doing things well and contributing. There is ethics in the Kabaun project, it is important to be concerned about our impact. Carbon footprint is a good way to structure the approach.


Amaury Courlet

CEO - Hodyge

The realization that our economy is not based on infinite resources, imposes us to rethink our consumption. At Hodygé, we want to reduce our carbon footprint. Kabaun has carried out a carbon assessment of our activities, to help us in the implementation of concrete solutions.

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