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Become a Kabaun partner

For every decarbonation success story with Kabaun, a partner leads the way. Collaborate with us to amplify your impact and that of your clients.

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Playing collectively to amplify our impact

Our partners play an essential role in implementing low-carbon strategies


Our reseller partners are authorized to include our platform and solutions in their service offerings.


Our Solution partners benefit from a customized, flexible and compliant white-label platform, tailored to their specific needs.

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Our Pro partners have access to a platform designed for environmental specialists and consulting firms (intuitive interface, multi-client, etc.).

Your benefits

Why partner with Kabaun?

For partners

Save time to dedicate more to client support.

Utilize cutting-edge technology for efficient carbon project management.

Employ a standards-compliant tool for clients' climate strategy management.

Report bugs on behalf of your customers.

For your clients

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Streamlined data collection, imports, and tracking.

Export results, analyze, and monitor reduction progress.

Access tailored, standards-compliant reports.

Data and backups encrypted for security.

White label power

Create a positive impact for your business and clients using our white-label platform.


Tailor templates to your expertise, industry, or regulations.


Choose the deployment solution best suited to your needs.

Users &

Create accounts and oversee user access for clients or users.

Connection & authentication

Integrate your SSO or authentication for user management.


Manage your emission factor database or import existing ones.

Customization & personalization

Customize the platform to match your branding (domain, logo, and colors).

Our partners

They are partnering with us




SWS is a consulting firm specializing in sustainable development, corporate & supply chain sustainability.

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Come aboard and become a partner for positive change.

  • What is Kabaun's mission?
    We support companies in their ecological transition. Thanks to our technology, we facilitate the collection and measurement of emission factors for companies to enable them to engage more effectively in the fight against global warming. Learn more about our mission and our ambition for the planet
  • How does the Kabaun platform work?
    Our platform makes it possible to monitor research, collect and analyze the various emission items. It is connected via our API to a database of certified and standardized factors (mainly data from Ademe but not only, we regularly integrate data from other European or international standards). Our platform is also able to connect to your internal tools in order to automatically integrate data from your infrastructures, production tools, communication and sales tools, etc.
  • How to make a corporate carbon footprint?
    The objective of a company's carbon footprint is to establish the carbon accounting of a company in order to know the carbon footprint of its activities and initiate an ambitious climate strategy. Here are the main steps to make a carbon footprint : - define the target perimeter and the methodology - study all the data to be collected - collect the data and calculate the impacts - use and analyze the results - set up an effective action plan to reduce GHG emissions
  • What data do I need to calculate my carbon footprint?
    We rely on all the data linked directly or indirectly to your company in order to compile a complete carbon footprint integrating the 3 emissions scopes (to find out more, see our article): scope 1: direct emissions scope 2: indirect energy-related emissions scope 3: other indirect emissions From energy consumption, to internal & external travel, through your manufacturing processes, logistics or even your purchases, we will guide you in the data to be collected or provide you with a climate expert who will take care of collection and analysis of your emissions.
  • Which companies can use Kabaun?
    We support all types of companies (VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, large companies), and institutions in all sectors of activity. This collective work should allow us to fight together against global warming. Do not hesitate to take contact us to discuss about your projects and your climate strategy.
  • If I don't have an in-house expert to use the Kabaun platform, what should I do?
    If you do not have an in-house expert capable of building a carbon footprint from the platform, we work with climate experts who can support you and train you so that you are autonomous each year. Our platform has been designed for all types of users, it is intuitive and accessible.
  • Why is Kabaun different from its competitors?
    Because we believe that innovative and robust technology can simplify and accelerate the decarbonization process for many companies. Because we have developed an “API first” platform to allow you to automatically calculate and assess your carbon footprint, to communicate on your sites and applications the carbon impact of your services or products. Because our solution saves time while maintaining a necessary level of granularity. Because measuring the carbon impact can seem tedious and complex, we work closely with climate experts who are able to support you in the analysis and implementation of your low-carbon strategy. Because we respect and apply regulatory standards in our projects.
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