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Analyze the environmental impact of your products and services

Carry out a life cycle assessment of your products and services (ISO 14040 standard) and identify the environmental impact of your company in order to implement concrete actions to act.


Why initiate a Life Cycle Assessment?


Understand the overall environmental impact of your activities and your company throughout the life cycle.


Anticipate future regulations by integrating the process of improving your processes, design choices, etc.


Be able to choose, improve and reduce the environmental footprint of your activity.


Take action by implementing concrete solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your products and services. 

Make impactful choices

Global and multi-criteria assessment of environmental impacts

Life cycle approach

All stages of the life cycle of your products and services are taken into account to build up the inventory of flows, from raw material extraction to end of life.

Multi-criteria approach

Multi-criteria analysis and collection of data related to input (product manufacturing) and output (pollution generated) flows at each stage of the analysis.


The steps to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment


Definition of the objectives and scope of the study.


Draw up an inventory of incoming and outgoing flows.


Characterize the inventory of flows in terms of environmental impacts.


Iterative stage of interpretation of the results

Do you want to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment?

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