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Manage your company's carbon footprint with ease and precision

Our technology, paired with the expertise of our climate specialists to collect, measure and analyze your company's carbon footprint.

Why initiate your carbon footprint?


Understand the overall impact of your activities and your company on global warming.


Anticipate tomorrow's regulations by integrating emission measurement, analysis, and reduction today.

Raise awareness

Foster awareness among stakeholders, customers, and employees by incorporating carbon impact measurement into your governance.


Take action by adopting practical solutions to reduce emissions and track your carbon footprint.

From data collection to action!

Categorization, collection, and computation of your data and emission factors.



Configure your perimeters to simplify the measurement and allocation of your GHG emissions.


Generate regulatory reports: carbon footprint, GHG assessment.


Evaluate your actions and your trajectory in order to integrate carbon impact measurement into your governance.


Execute the action plan devised by our climate experts.

Expertise and support

Our team supports you throughout every stage of your carbon footprint journey.

  1. Onboarding session

  2. Flow mapping

  3. Emissions inventory and configuration

  4. Validation of the collection strategy

  5. Start of collection

  6. Mid-project progress report

  7. Validation and verification of the collection

  8. Formalization of your carbon footprint report

  9. Action plan and trajectory

Methodologies and standards

Using methods and standards for your carbon footprint

To ensure maximum accuracy, we rely on the most rigorous and recognized French and international carbon accounting methodologies and standards.


Comprehensive analysis covering all three emission scopes

Scope 1

Direct emissions for which the company is directly responsible

Scope 2

Indirect energy-related emissions (production of heat, electricity, etc.)

All other emissions related to the company's value chain (purchase of products and services, travel, etc.)

Get in touch with our team to

  • Construct your GHG assessment

  • Manage your carbon footprint

  • Reduce your emissions

Thank you for reaching out. Our teams will respond to you promptly.

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