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Offer your customers a powerful and personalized tool to measure and reduce their carbon footprint with our white-label platform.

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Elevate your client offerings with our white-label platform


Brand consistency

Empower your company to offer your clients a carbon management platform in line with your brand, ensuring a consistent and harmonized brand experience.

Competitive advantage

Stand out from the competition by offering an additional service to your clients, providing them with a powerful tool to initiate or strengthen their commitment to the ecological transition.

Emissions tracking

Simplify the process of tracking and managing carbon emissions data, allowing your clients to make informed decisions easily.

Seamless integration and hosting

Smooth integration into your ecosystem


Save time and resources by effortlessly integrating our white-label platform into your existing systems, whether it's through cloud deployment, on-premise installation, or a hybrid approach. Benefit from flexible options tailored to your specific needs, empowered by our API.

White label power

Discover the features of our white-label Carbon Management Platform


Templates management

Create your own project templates (methodology, structure, etc.) or use the default ones provided.


Drive your clients' data through our dashboards and export regulatory reports.

Users and workspaces

Create and manage accounts and access for your users, clients, or members.

Action plan

Create, assign and monitor concrete actions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Database management

Manage your own database of emission factors or utilize our database of over 15,000 factors.

Data & projects sharing

Share your projects and data with your peers and suppliers to foster collaboration.

Use cases

Execute projects for your clients or provide them with a scalable and functional platform.


Carbon accounting

Guide your customers through the process of accurate carbon footprint measurements in compliance with current regulations.

Product carbon footprint

Offer your customers a powerful tool to evaluate the environmental impact of their products.

CSRD (coming soon)

Prepare your customers for the requirements of the CSRD directive and assist them in implementing comprehensive CSR reporting.

They use our white-label platform


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