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Develop more eco-responsible products

Carry out the environmental analysis of your products through a simplified product life cycle analysis, also known as a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), and integrate eco-design into your manufacturing processes and procedures.


Why initiate a Product Carbon Footprint?


Understand the environmental impact of your products over their entire life cycle.


Anticipate future regulations by integrating a process improvement approach.


Improve and reduce the environmental footprint of your products.


Take action by implementing concrete solutions to reduce the impact of your products.

Make impactful choices

The Product Carbon Footprint for an ecodesign approach

The product footprint allows all companies to carry out an initial simplified analysis of the environmental impact of their products.

The Product Report makes it easy to analyze inputs and outputs in order to better guide companies in their choice of processes, manufacturing, recycling, etc.


The steps to carry out a Product Carbon Footprint


Raw materials, supply.


Transport of products, packaging.


The processes concerned by the use of the product.

End of life

Collection, recycling, landfill, etc.

Do you want to carry out a Product Carbon Footprint?

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