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The platform for expediting your business's decarbonization efforts

Initiate your carbon projects (GHG assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, etc.) in compliance with established standards and regulations. 


A platform designed to suit all teams and levels of expertise

A platform adapted for CSR, QSE and HSE teams

Simplify data collection

Engage your stakeholders effectively to enhance, standardize, and streamline your data collection stages.

Traceability and knowledge

Centralize all data connected to your carbon measurement projects while ensuring complete traceability.

Management and action follow-up

Manage your carbon footprint by centralizing all carbon projects within a single platform and monitor the effects of your reduction initiatives

Security and compliance

Align your company with carbon measurement standards, ensuring secure access and storage of project data collected.

Carbon Management Platform


Automation and eco-design

Spend less time analyzing, more time acting


Add your factors and see how different emission sources affect things, so you can focus on making changes where they count the most.


Shift your focus to taking action instead of getting caught up in technical details. We've created an API that suits all kinds of needs.


Get your factors and reports certified right from the platform with the help of our climate experts.

Let us guide you

Essential features that empower action


Build and adjust your perimeters according to your business uses. 


Get your emission factors reviewed and endorsed by our climate experts.


Add all of your emission factors and categorize them.

Open data

Utilize an API-accessible database of certified emission factors.


Calculate the impact of your different emission factors.


Export reports that are customizable, certified, and in line with industry standards.

projets et rapports - plateforme kabaun

Measure and reduce your impact

A unique platform for conducting your environmental analysis

Identify your emission factors, measure your carbon footprint, track your carbon progress, and cut down your emissions.

Explore the environmental impact of your products and services, from design to end-of-life, following the ISO 14040 standard.

Ensuring the security of your data and projects.

Data security is vital and a top priority for us. Our platform adheres to the highest security standards to safeguard your data and its traceability.

Data encryption

All data and backups are encrypted using SSL/TLS.


Our platform and your data are hosted in France.


We follow the GDPR policy enforced in Europe to ensure data's protection.

Safety first

Explore our platform and its many features

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