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Add transparency to your e-commerce business and reduce the impact of your emissions


Why act now?


​ The share of freight transport in greenhouse gas emissions in the world.


Consumers are ready to pay more for a transparent brand (manufacturing, production, etc.).

20% to 30%

Items ordered online are returned, thus impacting transport-related emissions. 

Commit to a greener e-commerce


Identify and analyze your actions

Integrate all factors related to your e-commerce activity into our platform and meticulously manage your emissions.


Prioritize transportation

Assess the impact of transporting your goods (from suppliers to end customers) and strategically optimize this essential element.

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Take action and communicate

Be a company that values transparency by openly sharing your decisions and engaging with customers regarding the impact of their purchases throughout the entire buying process.

Your climate strategy starts here

Let's commit together

Reach out to one of our experts and request a platform demo.

Embark on your carbon footprint, life cycle assessment, or any other environmental impact measurement.

Efficiently handle your carbon projects and put in place a practical action plan to lower emissions.

Implement your climate strategy and monitor your carbon trajectory over time.

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