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Empowering companies with the tools to take action on climate change


2050, a strategic and decisive year for the planet. Why ? This is the deadline that the European Union has set for achieving carbon neutrality, which means that all member countries will have to emit as much CO2 as they absorb. A historic ecological and environmental challenge to limit global warming to 1.5°C. 

Companies are the main emitters of CO2, and the observation is simple: they will need help and support to enable them to measure and analyze their emissions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our ambition

At Kabaun, we want to enable all companies to engage easily and effectively in order to collectively lead the fight against global warming .

Many companies want to act and reduce their CO2 emissions. We share this ambition and awareness with them and we are here to support them and help them achieve this goal, together.


Our manifesto


Because climate emergency does not wait, we believe that we must act quickly and effectively with the ambition of involving as many people as possible in a process of optimising their environmental impact. At Kabaun, we take action.


Greenwashing does nothing for our planet, it is necessary to integrate uniform standards that are understandable to all. At Kabaun, we stand for transparency and understanding.


Because we have to play collectively. Kabaun is open-source and open-data, collective intelligence and transparency are the key words to engage the most people. At Kabaun we are united.


Accuracy is important to value those who commit. At Kabaun, we believe it is our responsibility to produce the most reliable and accurate data possible.


We believe in man's ability to act to limit global warming and that there are solutions to solve the problems. At Kabaun we propose and promote initiatives.


We believe that carbon impact measurement should be standardised, fair and transparent. At Kabaun we position ourselves as a trusted third party and act with neutrality.

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