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Our API customized for your carbon management needs.

Our proprietary API enables companies to automate data flows and maintain ongoing project management.

API kabaun

API-first platform

Our API automates time-consuming tasks and large-scale integration. It's versatile and flexible, catering to various needs, thereby simplifying team efforts through automated collection and calculations.


Kabaun API

API-First platform tailored for carbon automation.

Let's simplify your case studies with automation.

Incorporate carbon impact calculation into your product or service.

Generate customized widgets for private or public use.

Automate the collection of your GHG data. 

Reduce your technical costs and development timelines with our API.

Access our carbon database directly to streamline communication and internal implementation of projects, both for your team and your clients.

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Carbon database


Calculation layer


Unlock the power of automation

Your business applications

From diagnosis to integration


Breaking down workflows and value chains. Mapping data and conducting feasibility studies.


Calculation methodology, data sourcing from the diagnosis.


Integration of calculation layers. 


Connection, sending, and automatic calculation.

Try out our API and automate your carbon impact measurement projects today.

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