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Reduce your impact and enhance transparency in your logistics operations


Why act now?


is the share of logistics activities in global CO2 emissions.


reduction. This is the industry's goal for meeting the Paris agreements.


of increase in transportation emissions if nothing is done by 2050.

Commit to greener and more sustainable logistics

Automated emission calculations

We streamline the collection and computation of data throughout your complete supply chain, encompassing suppliers, production, assembly, storage, and distribution.


Initiate a regulatory carbon footprint

Craft your own emissions factors or leverage data from our open database to construct the most precise regulatory carbon footprint attainable.


Deploying sustainable logistics

Analyze your value chain, identify emission sources, and collaborate with our climate experts to formulate customized, actionable plans.


Your climate strategy starts here

Let's commit together

Reach out to one of our experts and request a platform demo.

Embark on your carbon footprint, life cycle assessment, or any other environmental impact measurement.

Efficiently handle your carbon projects and put in place a practical action plan to lower emissions.

Implement your climate strategy and monitor your carbon trajectory over time.

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