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ensō rse is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform dedicated to certified accountants, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and policies. Its goal is to democratize CSR among small and medium-sized businesses that are not legally obligated to comply with it. It enables accountants to support their clients in implementing CSR strategies simply and effectively.

By using ensō rse, businesses can conduct a comprehensive 360-degree assessment involving stakeholders based on the ISO 26000 standard, initiate CSR strategies from an action library, manage their projects through dashboards, simplify data collection with carbon impact measurement tools, and generate customizable and analytical non-financial reports.

ensō rse enlisted Kabaun to develop ensō carbon, a tool for measuring and managing carbon data tailored to certified accountants.


The world of accounting expertise is experiencing a turning point in the sustainability market, notably linked to the new CSRD standards. ensō rse, a specialized publisher in the accounting profession, needed to equip itself with a carbon footprint calculation engine tailored to accounting professionals. Kabaun stood out as the ideal partner. Their platform provides solid expertise in carbon footprint calculation. The ease of integrating their module into our solution allows us to offer our SME clients comprehensive and effective support towards more responsible practices.


Stéphane da Mota

CEO & co-founder

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