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Features to simplify and automate impact measurement

Our platform allows you to create and oversee carbon projects across your entire company. It provides user-friendly tools and seamless connectivity to improve data collection, measurement, and analysis.


Our platform suits all kinds of organizations, ensuring efficient data management whether your setup is simple or complex.

Multi-project management

Tailor project management to fit your organization's needs or current regulations.

Access management

Advanced access management system to control who can view and edit your projects.

Categorization and personalization

Customize your projects and their structures, and benefit from smart categorization.

Sharing data projects

Share your projects and data to foster openness and collaboration.

Project templates

Create project templates tailored to your organization to organize data collection and input.

Inter-business collaboration.

Share and collaborate on your projects with subsidiaries, partners, or suppliers.

Organize and structure

Organize and structure your emissions management


Collect and measure

Simplify data collection and measurement

Sync your climate strategy with a precise, comprehensive, and verifiable measurement of your carbon data.

Automatic import

Effortlessly import your activity data using our proprietary API.

Sharing with suppliers

Interact with your suppliers to collect the data you need for effective business management

Automatic classification

Automatic categorization of impacts into GHG categories.

Monitoring collection status

Stay updated on the progress of your projects and the status of your data collection.

Collection connectors

Collection process made simpler with a library of standard connectors.

Guided data

Benefit from our user-friendly guidance system to streamline data entry and ensure utmost accuracy.

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Analyze and identify specific actions to reduce your emissions.

Analyze and act

factor management-kabaun platform-features.png

Easily visualize your projects and take concrete, informed actions to reduce your impact, utilizing our dashboards and integrated functionality for recording reduction measures.

Dashboards and management charts

Gain valuable insights through comprehensive data visualization and analysis, aiding informed decision-making.

Trajectory definition and tracking

Set your reduction trajectory and track both your target and project progress.

Export of standard and regulatory reports

Generate reports that are tailored to your needs and align with current reporting and publication norms.

Creation and follow-up of reduction actions

Create, assign and monitor concrete actions to reduce your company's environmental footprint.


Our team is here to assist you in implementing your decarbonization strategy

Climate experts

Engage our experts to bring your projects to fruition.


Support integrated into the platform or by email.

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