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UNIMEV has chosen Kabaun to develop its carbon measurement tool for the events industry.

Updated: Apr 24

The French Union of Event Professions (UNIMEV), a professional organization representing all stakeholders in the events industry, has chosen Kabaun to develop its carbon measurement tool: Cleo Carbone.

After 6 months of beta testing and platform optimization to create templates and project structures that integrate sector-specific features, Cleo Carbone was officially launched on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

The platform will enable event industry professionals to take their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies to the next level by precisely calculating the impact of their events.

"Whether you want to conduct a carbon footprint assessment, implement an action plan, track your progress, or communicate your results, Cleo Carbone guides you at every step. Its flexibility encourages the constant evolution of calculation methods, aimed at increasing the accuracy of results.”, explains Quentin Balblanc, Sustainability Manager at UNIMEV.

The platform is accessible to members of the associations CREALIANS, LÉVÉNEMENT, Traiteurs de France, and UNIMEV through an annual subscription that grants unlimited access to many projects. Cleo Carbone is also available for use by all event industry professionals.

Cleo Carbone will allow event industry professionals to:

  • Access a centralized carbon management tool that combines all the functionalities companies need.

  • Use templates tailored to the specificities of the event industry.

  • Create an unlimited number of projects to steer their carbon strategy and aid in making the best decisions.

  • Establish an unlimited number of user accounts to involve all company stakeholders.

  • Facilitate information sharing among users of Cleo Carbone to engage partners and streamline data collection.

"The launch of Cleo Carbone brings us great satisfaction. This tool is tailor-made for event professionals, taking into account their specificities and needs, to support them in their maturity and expertise in measuring their emissions," explains Nicolas Soum, co-founder and CEO of Kabaun


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