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Sustainable Works Station (SWS) is a consulting company based in İstanbul, Türkiye, focusing on sustainable development, corporate & Supply chain sustainability. Inspired by social, environmental, corporate and supply chain issues as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


SWS collaborates to design, develop, and implement corporate and supply chain Sustainability strategies in line with the concept of UN SDGs.

Sustainable Works Station has partnered with Kabaun to develop KarbonStation, a carbon analysis platform for all stakeholders to act responsibly in line with the Paris Agreement targets and combat climate change.


KarbonStation is a multifunctional tool that enables organizations to evaluate direct & indirect carbon emissions emerged from operations, set targets, and monitor progress in line with GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 Standard. KarbonStation will continue to support all stakeholders who are committed to assessing their environmental impact and taking steps towards a more sustainable future. There is only one good and let’s make it better together!


Olgun Aydin

Founder and

Managing Director

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