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Dataswati and Kabaun sign a partnership to automate carbon footprint measurement.

This partnership aims to accelerate the decarbonization process in the food industry by creating a joint offer to automate the measurement and analysis of CO2 emissions through the PowerOP® digital twin. PowerOP® enables food manufacturers to optimize their performance by automatically analyzing their production data using an artificial intelligence engine.

Through this partnership, Kabaun integrates with Dataswati's digital twin by providing its open-source technology and expertise. This technology allows Dataswati's customers to integrate environmental decision-making into their governance and to strengthen the decarbonization process of agri-food production lines.

"We are two committed companies, so it was only natural that we wanted to pool our two technologies to encourage decarbonization in the industry. We are proud to collaborate with a startup that, like us, aims to measure and reduce the carbon impact of companies," says Nicolas Soum, CEO of Kabaun.

"Dataswati has been involved for 5 years in helping industries improve their performance, particularly in the face of climate change. This partnership is a great opportunity to provide our clients with the means to go further by engaging in the decarbonization process necessary to meet the Paris Agreements", said Aurélien Verleyen, CEO of Dataswati.

Dataswati is a DeepTech AI startup that develops digital twins to assist industrial performance and decarbonization.

PowerOP® is a digital twin coupled with an AI engine dedicated to improving the performance of the food industry. Mainly focused on the reduction of raw material and product calibration losses, PowerOP® is now able to efficiently assist manufacturers in their decarbonization process.

About Kabaun

Kabaun is an open-source and open-data carbon impact analytical solution. Kabaun supports companies in their ecological transition by allowing them to easily and accurately measure, analyze and reduce their CO2 emissions.


Kabaun : Nicolas Soum

Dataswati : Aurélien Verleyen

(1) Replication of a system and a process in a digital form


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